From Sensor to Any Cloud in < 1 Minute

Connect over 12.000 Industrial Sensors to Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, SAP and Alibaba — Plug&Play.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) uses machine data, cloud computing, analytics and people to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes. While cloud platforms like AWS or Microsoft Azure offer powerful solutions to work with data in the cloud, collecting data from industrial sensors and transferring it into the cloud, is still a huge pain point. CloudRail solves this problem by connecting over 12.000 industrial sensors to any cloud platform — Plug&Play in less than a minute.


Plug&Play Edge Gateway which securely connects over 12.000 industrial sensors to any cloud platform. Edge Computing allows you to filter data or even run machine learning algorithms locally.

Device Management Cloud

Sophisticated and cloud based device management solution for the CloudRail.Box. Allows you to create an IIoT PoC in less than a day as well as to securely manage millions of reliable installations.

CloudRail for Retrofitting

Use secondary sensors to retrofit old industrial machines for IIoT use cases using the CloudRail.Box.

CloudRail for OEMs

Make your machines cloud compatible with the most advanced Edge Gateway solution on the market.