From Sensor to Any Cloud in < 1 Minute — Plug&Play.

Sensor to Cloud in < 1 Minute

The CloudRail.Box allows you to connect industrial sensors and actuators directly with your Cloud Platform. No industry buses, no edge gateways, no domain knowledge about the OT — plug-in a sensor, select the cloud, done!

Works With All Cloud Platforms

The CloudRail.Box currently supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, SAP and the Alibaba Cloud (always the IoT hub). Besides the actual data transmission, special functionalities like device shadow are included. We’ll continuously add new cloud providers once they become relevant.

IO-Modules Made Simple — Plug&Play

The CloudRail.Box automatically works with IO-Modules (e.g. IO-Link Masters) of several vendors. Just plug in a module and you will instantly see the additional ports and connected sensors — no configuration required.

Central Device Management

The CloudRail.Box comes with a sophisticated device management solution. It’s your central place to manage all IoT-enabled devices, even in multi-provider setups. Firmware updates with new functionality or security patches can be rolled out from here as well.

Use any sensor or actuator in your IoT project.

Fast results for new IIoT projects.

Cloud Provider agnostic.

No external consulting required — your IT team can handle it.


The CloudRail.Box works with the following IO-Modules and Sensors. We closely work with the leading vendors in this area to continuously increase the list of compatible devices.


Coming Soon:
We’ll announce our first sensor and IO-module partners soon.


Coming Soon:
We’ll announce our first sensor and IO-module partners soon.

Technical Data

The CloudRail.Box has been specifically designed for industrial environments. The hardware is Made in Germany by the experts of Kunbus.


The CloudRail pricing is always a combination of the hardware price for the CloudRail.Box and a subscription based on the number of sensors or actuators which are connected to the cloud via any CloudRail.Box. Packages are always per account and can be shared across multiple CloudRail.Box devices.

CloudRail.Box Hardware


per CloudRail.Box (one time)

CloudRail Subscription

20 Sensors


* for the first 12 month. 490€ per year afterwards.

100 Sensors


per year

500 Sensors


per year

>500 Sensors

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We’ll ship the first CloudRail.Box devices end of Q1 2019. Please fill out the following form to learn more about the CloudRail.Box and to be notified once you can buy one: