IO-Link Connector

IO-Link Connector

The IO-Link Connector of the CloudRail.Box allows you to connect over 12.000 compatible IO-Link sensors and actuators of any vendor to the cloud.

IO-Link Masters — Plug&Play

To connect an IO-Link sensor to the CloudRail.Box, a so called IO-Link Master is required. CloudRail supports models of various vendors like IFM, Turck or Comtrol (Pepperl+Fuchs). Configuration of the IO-Link Master? Just Plug it in! The CloudRail.Box automatically finds compatible devices and you will instantly see the available ports and connected sensors — no configuration required.

Works in Existing Environments

The CloudRail.Box can either work with exclusively installed sensors and IO-Link Masters or use existing hardware which is already connected to a PLC. Thanks to a Y-Path, this works without any impacts on the production system. Depending on the IO-Link Master, the CloudRail.Box can operate in the same network as the PLC or a completely separated one.

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The CloudRail.Box works with the following IO-Link Masters and Sensors. We closely work with the leading vendors in this area to continuously increase the list of compatible devices.

IO-Link Masters

All IO-Link masters of the DataLine edition. Connected to the CloudRail.Box via the IoT-port (Y-Path, parallel connection to a PLC possible).

AL1300, AL1301, AL1302, AL1303, AL1320, AL1321, AL1322, AL1323 AL1330, AL1331, AL1332, AL1333 AL1340, AL1341, AL1342, AL1343, AL1350, AL1351, AL1352, AL1353, AL1900, AL1920, AL1930, AL1940, AL1950

IFM Website

Connected to the CloudRail.Box via the fieldbus port (software Y-Path, parallel connection to a PLC possible). Important: Please update your CloudRail.Box firmware BEFORE connecting the Turck master.

TBEN-S2-4IOL (beta), TBEN-L5-8IOL (beta)

Turck Website

More IO-Modules coming soon

Connected to the CloudRail.Box via the fieldbus port (no parallel connection to a PLC).

8-PNIO (beta)

Comtrol Website


The CloudRail.Box works best with sensors and actuators with an IO-Link interface. Almost all professional sensors for industrial applications already support IO-Link. It is also possible to use digital (1/0) or analog (with IO-Link adaptor) sensors. In total, the CloudRail.Box is compatible with over 12000 sensors and actuators.